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Personal healing journey

Free spirited and straightforward is the way I've walked through life. Being a hairstylist of 13+ years has given me the freedom and space to live creatively and I love it! The beauty industry is wonderful, I have seen it heal people from the inside out! 

Doing hair, I found myself having deep and meaningful conversations with clients about life, love, grief, joy and more. It seemed like people greatly enjoyed having conversations with me. Some began to report their deep appreciation for my philosophies and positive suggestions. To me, it seemed like their beautiful new hairstyle was just a bonus.  A curiosity arose, and I wanted to explore the side of me that thoroughly enjoyed counseling and listening. 

My journey began, after a seemingly tragic end to a relationship. I felt broken, confused, and overwhelmed with life and all of it's challenges. I didn't know which direction was up, and I desperately needed some guidance. I sought out traditional, and not so traditional ways to cope with the stress, depression, and anxiety I was experiencing.  I saw therapists, psychics, a hypnotherapist, and a few medical doctors. 

Sounds like the beginning of a joke, doesn't it? I did the best I could with the small amount of coping mechanisms I had, I took all of the expert's advice seriously.  Still, I continued to ask myself, 'Why am I here?" "Will I ever have successful relationships?" "What am I good at?" "What is the meaning of life?" The most debilitating question: "Is there any point for me to even be here?"

 I took some much needed time to reflect on the information I had.  Let's face it, it's all just information anyway, right? It's what we do with that information that's important. 

From all of the experts that tried to help me, the only one that really stuck out was the psychic's reading. She intuitively spoke about me having gifts in healing arts. She told me that these gifts were underneath the grief and sadness.  If I was able to somehow get through this, I would help many. 

The woman spoke specifically about Reiki. Although I'd never experienced energy work before, it sparked an interest in me.  I had nothing to lose.

I found a teacher and began my studies...That's when the magic started happening.

Really, It felt magical. It was not a quick fix, but I had fast relief and intuitively knew my life was about to change. After all, this was the first time in years I actually began smiling from the inside.