about akashic records

The Akashic Records are energetic records, that each and every individual has access to. The records hold information about one's soul. Unlike bodies, souls never expire. Similar to the way that boiling water becomes vapor; those water vapors now exist as energy in a different form.  Although you can no longer see it,  the vapor still exists.  Human energy is no different. There are several ways to access the different forms or aspects of ourselves, and an Akashic Record reading is one way to do so.

Who we were, who we are, and the lessons of our lives are available to each and every one of us.  If you are experiencing a life challenge that just doesn't seem to make sense, you may be able to find some clarity or direction as to why you are going through that specific matter.  Open yourself up to discover the lessons you were meant to learn, and receive loving guidance that assists your journey and personal growth.

This form of channeling is powerful and gets directly to the heart of the matter.  It is common to connect with past loved ones and spirit guides through the reading; this happens because as a soul, we are free to help and support our loved ones back on Earth. Spirit guides are always with us, and the Akashic record reading is an easy access point for us to communicate with our support system beyond the spiritual vail.

request a reading

Readings are not specifically timed but will be stopped after 90 minutes to preserve the energy of the channel.  Each reader has a unique way of accessing the records. The way I access the records are through, "Linda Howe's pathway prayer". The process is straightforward and simple. It can be done by anyone, even yourself.  However, if you would like to experience a reading without learning the process, I would be happy to channel for you. I have had so much success with this process, it is among the most effective healing tools I have experienced.

90 minute readings range between $85 - $150  Fee will be established in phone consult