Introduction to reiki

Reiki is a Japanese word that is made up of two parts; "Rei," which translates to, "higher being," and Ki, which translates to, "non-physical energy running through all living things."

  • Reiki energy is often used for healing and as a meditation tool
  • Reiki works with all parts of the physical and non-physical realms
  • Everyone can be a perfect candidate for reiki.  Because of this modality's ability to heal all aspects of the mind, body, and spirit - No one is excluded
  • The energy is powerful, yet gentle.  It allows the body to vibrate at it's most harmonious frequency
  • Reiki works best as a progressive practice; This is especially true for individuals in any kind of physical pain.  Receiving reiki regularly will ensure healing has fully occurred
  • While some need frequent sessions, some just use reiki as an energetic "tune up."  Your healing journey is all up to you

Each individual who receives a reiki treatment has a different experience  

Some common physical feelings during sessions: 

  • Tingling/ twitching
  • Subtle changes in temperature
  • Light pressure
  • Waves of vibration
  • Muscular relaxation  

Some common emotional and mental feelings during and after sessions:  

  • Clarity of mind and spirit
  • Overwhelming self-love and acceptance
  • Increased ability to cope with challenge
  • Long lasting peace

Many describe reiki work as a conduit to an awakening spiritual experience.  Reiki also aides as a deeply penetrating meditation tool.  So, whether you are well practiced in meditation, or just exploring your own meditative journey, reiki can be a great tool to enhance your practice.  The tools uncovered in reiki often move practitioners to exciting, and eye opening events. Don't be surprised if you suddenly discover a hidden talent or gift you never knew you had! 

There are two convenient options to receive a reiki session:

Express reiki (45 minutes) $65

Full session (90 minutes) $85

Request a pre-scheduling phone consultation to discuss a session that is tailor made for your needs